DNW Aero


DNW is one of Europe’s most advanced and specialised organisations for wind tunnel testing.

AUT 2545 embedDNW’s six wind tunnels include subsonic, transonic and supersonic facilities, and provide experimental aerodynamic simulation capabilities to the user community at large. This includes all aspects of airflow encountered in nature and engineering.

DNW provides techniques for aerodynamic, aeroacoustic or aeroelastic simulations and tests of scale models in a controlled environment. Its experimental simulation techniques capture the essence of the issues to be investigated.

In addition to the sophisticated variety of wind tunnels and varying wind speeds required for experimental simulation, DNW also provides the expertise and support required for designing the appropriate measurement techniques. The techniques make use of the most sophisticated tools available for obtaining a maximum of quantitative information needed to describe the phenomena dealt with in wind tunnel testing.

3D A310 kkk embedIf required, DNW advises the customer in the types of testing techniques to be used, as well as the analysis of test results. Thanks to its cooperation with partner organisations, DNW can also assist the customer in building the models that will be used for tests. Testing facilities can also be adapted and customised to fit specific situations. In short, a full-service portfolio that addresses all requirements in the domain of aerodynamic, aeroacoustic or aeroelastic testing in wind tunnels.

The experience of our dedicated staff has been gained through years of testing within the framework of various types of projects, ranging from ground-based transport systems to aircraft performance and acoustics, as well as highly specialised areas or objects such as rotating windmill blades.